GPE Electrical & Communications Contractor Pty Ltd and GPEHV referenced as GPE, has in effect a Quality Management System that is to and exceeds Industry Standards.

The objectives of our system are:

  • To bring about within our organisation a total commitment by all employees to meeting the reasonable requirements and expectations of our customers, in a timely manner; and
  • To ensure that our customers continue to regard us as competent, experienced and reliable contractors to whom they may entrust work in full confidence that their requirements will be met.

Our policy is put into effect by instilling into each individual in our organisation both pride in the good quality work which they do, and willingness to accept responsibility for their individual actions and efforts.

Such pride and responsibility enables us:

  • To work with our customers so as to both identify and satisfy their needs,
  • To work with our suppliers so as to ensure that they understand our requirements; and
  • To identify and resolve any problems which may arise within our organization, so that we may continuously improve our capabilities and our performance.

The result to which we aspire through our Quality Policy is the satisfaction of our customers.

Download a copy of the policy – GPE – Quality Policy