Completed High Voltage

Wirlinga 30 Lot Rural Subdivision

Wirlinga 30 Lot Rural Subdivision


Wirlinga 30 Lot Rural Subdivision
Builder: Graham Chapman/ Walpole Surveying
Client: Private Developer
Time Frame: 4 Months

Upgrade an existing rural HV overhead supply and install new HV/LV supply to 30 rural lots. Reconductor existing overhead HV Essential Energy network and install a new overhead HV extension.

Scope of Electrical and Communications Services Works:

  • 7x HV pole changes/ upgrades
  • 38x new HV poles
  • 2x overhead substation upgrades
  • 1x new overhead substation
  • Reconductor 1.3km of overhead HV single phase existing powerline
  • Install/ string 3.5km of new overhead HV powerline
  • 200m of new HV UG cable
  • 830m of new LV UG cable
  • 1200m of conduit
  • 1x new HV pole top gas switch
  • 15x new LV URD pillars


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