Completed Low Voltage

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Junee Correctional Centre

Complete electrical works of 22 structures featuring new accommodation blocks and various buildings as well as the refurbishment of other existing infrastructure all amongst a continuing operating existing facility.

Junee Correctional Centre
Builder: CPB Construction Pty Ltd
Time Frame: Approx. 2.4 years

Scope of Electrical and Communications Services Works:

  • Coordination with ASP1 Contractor for Connection into the 2x New 1500kVA Transformers
  • Provision of New HV and LV Conduits Associated with the ASP1 Works
  • Provision of 2x New 1100 kVA Diesel Fueled Emergency Generators
  • Provision of Day Tanks and Bulk Fuel Storage System Associated with the Generator System
  • External Pit and Conduit System for Communications and Electrical Services including Trenching
  • LV Infrastructure and Reticulation Including:
    • Over 50x New Main Switchboards, UPS, Essential and Non-Essential Sub Distribution Boards
    • Consumer Mains
    • Submain Cables
    • Cable Management Including Cable Baskets, Ladders, Pits and Conduit Systems
    • Connections to MSSB Switchboards
    • Connections to Safety Services
    • Modifications to Existing Distribution
  • 11x UPS Single and Three Phase Systems of Various Sizes
  • Low Voltage Power (General) - Essential, Non-Essential and UPS
  • AS/NZS 3003 Body Protection in Medical and Dental Areas
  • Internal Lighting and Lighting Control Systems
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • External Lighting
  • Electrical Earthing Systems To AS/NZS 3000 And AS/CA S009


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