Current Low Voltage

Bureau of Meteorology - Weather Watch Radar - Hillston NSW

Hillston Radar
Builder: Premier Building and Construction
Time Frame: Approx. 4 Months

Scope of Electrical and Communications Services Works:

  • Telstra Lead-In Conduits and Pits
  • Consumer Mains Cable from the Point of Supply to the Metering Cabinet
  • Metering Cabinet (MSB)
  • Coordination of Consumer Mains Connection
  • Metered Consumer Mains from the Metering Cubicle to the Equipment Shelter Main Distribution Board (MDB)
  • Power Connections from the MDB to the Radar Tower Terminal Box
  • Tower Splice Joint Power Connections
  • Site Equipotential Bonding and Earthing System
  • Design and installation of an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Generator Connection


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