Current Low Voltage

Costa Packing Shed Tumbarumba


Costa Packing Shed Tumbarumba
Builder: ICG Construction
Client: Costa Group
Time Frame: Approx 9 Months

The Costa Packing Shed is a rebuild and expansion of the previous facility that was damaged during the 2019/20 Bushfire Season.
With upgraded capacity and a more functional, efficient layout, the new Packing Shed will service Costa Group’s needs for years to come.

Scope of Electrical and Communications Services Works:

  • Power Distribution
  • Extensive underground conduit and pit system
  • LV Mains & Submains
  • Main Switchboard & Distribution Boards
  • Communications System
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • General Lighting within the facility and around perimeter
  • Cable Management and containment


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